Saturday, 25 October 2008

Rape Investigation Over

To renew our previous post: It has come to light that the alleged rape of a second woman in less than a week in the Holyland area of Belfast is no longer being investigated by the police. As has been pointed out, sufficient evidence has warranted the investigation null. Despite this, students are encouraged to remain extremely vigilant.


John Roger said...

This is a disgrace.

How could anyone pretend that they were raped?

Anonymous said...

Too quick to comment Gownies?

The police said that they didnt have sufficient evidence to continue...there's a difference.

The wee cute son of Thandie Newton and Will Smith in The Pursuit of Happiness! said...

'Too quick to comment'?

Surely the point of a newspaper/online news blog is to present NEWS as quickly as possible. If The Gown wasn't 'too quick to comment' then the story would not be current anymore! so BLUUUUUURRRRP! (that's me blowing a raspberry at you)!