Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Vote in the Election - 3rd and 4th March 2009

The Gown can confirm that the candidates running for the forthcoming election on Tuesday 3rd March and Wednesday 4th March are as follows…

Students’ Union President

Currently held by CIARNAN HELFERTY

Candidates for 09/10

- Shane Brogan
- Seamas Og MacGiollaCheara

VP Campaigns and Communications

Currently held by JAMES MURPHY

Candidates for 09/10

- Paul Simpson
- Stephen Connolly
- Gareth McGreevy

VP Welfare

Currently held by FERGUS MCALEAVY

Candidates for 09/10

- Susan Kearney
- Adam McGibbon
- Ronan Digney

VP Education

Currently held by KEVIN KELLY

Candidates for 09/10

- Barry Duffy
- Daniel O'Boyle

VP Clubs and Societies

Currently held by PAUL COURTNEY

Candidates for 09/10

- Paul Courtney
- Adelle Archibald
- Conchur Moore

VP Equality and Diversity

Currently held by SHANE BROGAN

Candidates for 09/10

- Sarah Boles
- Veronica McKinney
- Paul Marlow
- Paul Lilly

VP Community

Currently held by LAURA HAWTHORNE

Candidates for 09/10

- Laura Hawthorne
- Gary O’Kane
- Shane Boylan

See this link to read their manifestos…


Anonymous said...

where did all the comments from this thread go?

Gown Team said...

We had to remove the comments due to an individual taking offence.

Anonymous said...

That never stopped you before!