Wednesday, 24 December 2008

QUB - Officially an Esteemed University at the Top

With the recent release of the UK-wide Research Assessment Exercise, QUB has been celebrating its success as a leading University in the UK.

A member of the esteemed Russell Group, QUB can now boast that it has been firmly placed in the top 20 universities in the UK in terms of research.
Leading achievements in particular schools include Medicine and Dentistry, Engineering, Music and English.

While this success is a key endorsement of QUB’s prestige, The Gown begs the question as to whether such success will sway the decision of Queen’s to support its peers within the Russell Group and campaign for the cap to be removed on tuition fees?

For more on the possibility of higher tuition fees, check out the front page story in the November issue.


Anonymous said...

What about the problem students have had with Qsis and now Qcat? The quality of service delivered by Queen's to its paying customers is ridiculous. Will we be compensated for this mess?

deckoseacht said...

Yet again the Qcat fails. Remember the registration fiasco in the summer? Typical of Queen's to cut back on student customer satisfaction in order to line their own pockets with chauffer driven lexus cars by ridding of the tried and tested old way. What about those students whose job it was to register students in the previous years? This is certainly bureaucracy of the worst kind!